Studio Hire

A fully functional photography studio available for hire 24/7. Our professional photographers will always be on hand to help out, or make the teas and coffees as required…

Model Studio Days

We hold many studio days thoroughout the year where we get together with top models to provide a cost effective way to shoot with a professional model. Costs are all inclusive meaning model fees and studio time are all included into one competitive price.


We offer a lot of training services ranging from one to one tuition to workshops with professional photographers and models.
Professional Studio Facilities

With all the facilities and equipment you would expect from a professional photography studio, Studio Fifty Eight have you covered…

Based in a quirky location in the centre of Kettering, Northamptonshire, we have plenty of natural light, studio lighting with an array of modifiers, props including an aerial ring and lots of wardrobe options should this be required.

A few things we are great at

We are a professional photography studio, but we always try to maintain the fun element in any situation.  We are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and experienced.  The owners of Studio Fifty Eight have a lot of photography and studio management experience, so we know how to help you get the best out of your investment, should this be required.

Our studio facilities are available to hire 24/7 with advance notice. The studio is perfect for both stills photography as well as video production. Studio hire comes with use of all the facilities and equipment with a professional helping hand if required.
We run a lot of professional model studio days where for a fixed price ( usually by the hour ) the use of the studio and shooting with a professional model are available at a fixed competitive price.
With a lot of years of professional photography experience, the owners of Studio Fifty Eight are perfectly placed to offer training to those who want to improve their photography skills. We can help with camera understanding and composition skills in order to enhance your shots. Many other types of training are available.

Training in a friendly group environment

Group shoots are a great way to gain more experience with your photography and a friendly group environment. A limited number of photographers are booked onto the shoot so that everyone gets the benefit of shooting with our professional model and when in a training group, they can put their new found skills into practice.

bathroom set

We now have a working bath tub in the studio, which can be used for shooting.  Hot and cold water available!

Product Photography

We can cater for all types of product photography requirements.

Portfolio Building

Photographer and model portfolio building

Whether you are a photographer looking to build up your image portfolio, or a model looking to refresh your images, we can help.


By making use of our model studio days, group shoot and direct booking facilities, we can help you build your stunning photography portfolio.

Dip your toes..

Ever fancied trying out to be a photographer or model but not sure if it’s for you? We can offer a low cost session with our professional photographers ( if required ) to see if it’s for you…


Are you a new model starting out? Are you looking to refresh your portfolio? We can capture stunning images with you in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Models Directory

We have contact details for a large range of models who we have worked with at the studio. If you’d like to do a shoot but not sure how or who to book, we can help!

Team Members

Geoff Barnett

resident and recommended Photographer

Paul Lucas

resident and recommended photographer

Miss C

resident and recommended model

Victoria Birkin

resident and recommended model

Rod Short

resident and recommended photographer


Below is what people have said about their experiences at Studio Fifty Eight

Looking for a great studio with help and hospitality to match? Well you have come to the right place!

I have been using the studio for some years and am always greeted with a very warm welcome.

Andy is always there to help and provides refreshments when you need it most, making it practically impossible to find a more relaxed studio atmosphere anywhere in the UK.

Explore this website and the endless possibilities of capturing a great image become apparent.

Studio Fifty Eight also provides a superb website construction service through Lee, so your images can be seen by all.

Experienced or beginner this studio caters for everybody.

Treat yourself to hours here and I guarantee you will never go home disappointed.

The Online booking for studio time is beautifully designed, easy to use and the payment system is fast and clever with even email reminders. Book a model and you are given a very clear idea of what to expect.

My only wish is that I lived closer so I could spend more time there.
Geoff Barnett
I had a great studio day at studio fifty eight yesterday.

Andy is lovely, he come down to greet me when I arrive, took me to the car park and helped me with my bags to the studio..

He was also on hand for anything we needed… And kept us topped up with all the tea we could drink.

Studio 58 is an amazing space. A large building with plenty of natural light and a great outdoor space for shooting.

Fully equipped with all the lights, props and outfits to help make your images that little bit extra…

Thoroughly enjoyed my day here and looking to come back for another studio day in April…

Great studio.. Thank you!
Laura Jane
Andy couldnt be more helpful today, the total gent, bringing me coffee throughout our 4 hours there,finding equipment I wanted and chatting away, it’s such a lovely warm atmosphere. What can I say about the studio I havent said already, if you havent been you should get a visit booked. It’s spacious, light areas for natural light work and a darker area for being creative with the extensive modifiers available there. Glazed windows, blackedout windows, wooden floors, backdrops, assorted items for shoots, swings, hoops, ladders, french style bed, a selections of chairs, seats and sofas, the list goes on.

Get yourself a slot in the new year, you certainly wont be disappointed. Thank You Andy for all your help in 2019 and i look forward to many more visits in the following year.
Paul Lucas

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Latest News

Looking into 2020, and at our new location in Kettering, Northamptonshire, things are starting to get busy. We’ve booked in lots of model studio days for the start of 2020, and interest is high!
Also we have a “Friends of Studio Fifty Eight” registration service where friends of Studio Fifty Eight will get early access to the model studio day bookings, before they go on release to the general public, as well as being notified of special offers / upcoming events which may be of interest. Please use the Register / Login link in the menu at the top of the page.
Registration is free. Come and join the Studio Fifty Eight community.
At Studio Fifty Eight, we take the privacy of your data very seriously and we would never sell / give / pass on any of your private information to any 3rd party without your express consent. Lastly, if you’d like to sign up to our email newsletter, please use the Register / Login link at the top of the page, then click the register link and follow the link to the newsletter subscription.

Some quick links to some of our training products & studio booking page

Model Studio Days are a great way to quickly get experience with shooting with professional models as well as getting a good variety of different shots for your portfolio.

Usualy priced by the hour, Model Studio Days offer an all inclusive price to gain high quality images, and, as always, professional help is always at hand should it be needed.
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