Studio Details & Booking

Studio Fifty Eight is a brand new studio in Kettering which is central to the UK and has good travel routes into it. We aim to provide a studio space that is reasonably priced to use but at the same time be a quality studio. There will always be a technician/photographer on hand to assist in set ups or for advice. Pickups available from Kettering train station if required.

Studio details and rates

The costs of the studio hire include use of the studio, equipment, tea & coffee, WIFI and having a professional photographer on site should you need any assistance.

£20 Per Hour Minimum 2 Hours Monday to Friday
Half Day £70 Saving £10
£140 All Day Saving £20

Saturday & Sunday By Appointment £25 Per Hour Minimum 2 Hours

The studio can be booked for anytime outside of these hours by appointment. We are available 24/7


New to use in the studio:

* 1 x 100 cm Aerial Ring
* 1 x large chained swing
* 3 very strong rings for suspension from old beams
* Small Darkroom with 5×4 Professional Enlarger (Help available)
* Studio hire (beautiful old windows x 3 for perfect natural light shoots)
* GOLD French Boudoir Bed set
* Lighting workshops and courses with top Photographers and models
* Location shoots with models
* Location workshops
* One to One and group tuition in how to understand your settings on your camera and lighting.
* Learn your DSLR and get out of AUTO settings to achieve stunning results in an easy and understandable course
* Family photographs
* Studio facilities managed by professional photographers
* Free tea and coffee with studio hire
* Microwave, kettle, fridge
* Free Wi-Fi

Equipment list at the moment:

2 x 500 watt heads and stands Bowens fit
3 x 300 watt heads and stands Bowens fit
2 x 600 watt Heads and stands Bowens fit
1 x Pixapro Citi600 TTL battery studio head with HSS
1 x Pixapro Pika200 speedily with HSS
2 x Arri type constant lights with fresnel lens
2 x Constant daylight video lights x 5 bulbs each light
2 x Constant daylight video lights x 1 x 125 watt bulb each
1 x 7 foot parabolic umbrella
2 x 170cm Octabox softboxes
3 x 70mm x 70mm softboxes
2 x 1600mm x 320mm strip softbox with grid
1 x large beauty dish with grid and soft cover
1 x Bowens Softlite Reflector – perspex outer diffuser with honeycomb in center

Set of triggers for heads
Pocket Wizards
Digital projector for artistic photographic use in studio 2.7 LCD Epson EB-X11
5 x Paper coloramas white, black, grey, yellow, hazelnut brown
Variety of clothing and footwear in the make up studio.
Ox blood red Chesterfield Club Chair
Rusted look high metal chair
Photographers wheeled low shooting stool
GOLD French boudoir double bed
All sorts of props and furniture around the studio

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