Speedlite Tuition

In order to get the full benefit of this course, a model is required.  We can ask a model on your behalf, or you can suppy your own.  If we provide, an extra cost will be required to cover model fees.

This 2 hour course covers all things studio lighting wise, and includes:

  • Getting your speedlite connected to your camera.
  • Using speedlite on camera
  • Using speedlite off camera with triggers
  • Using reflectors with speedlites
  • The use of soft boxes
  • Balancing flash and natural light
  • How to work with a model
  • Posing the model
  • Lighting directions

Deposit £99.00


If the date of the model studio day is red, this means that this date has been sold out.  If green, please select the date and use the “Start Time” drop down to view availability.

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