Coronavirus Information

At Studio Fifty Eight, we take the safety of our staff, models and customers seriously during these unprecidented times.

Whilst we will be open from June 15th ( unless the govenment guidance changes ) we have implemented some policies and procedures to keep us all safe during these times.

Please take a moment to read through this guidance carefully and please ensure that this guidance, on your part, is followed at all times whilst at the studio premises.

Please do not enter the studio if you have been to an affected place in the last 14 days or you have had contact with somebody with Coronavirus and you are showing any of the symptoms listed on the poster to the left.

Studio Entrance Requirements and Guidance whilst on site

Please click on the category tab to get more information on the section being described.   Please ensure that you have read all guidance, requirements and information before entering the studio.

Thank you for reading this information and guidance from the studio fifty eight team

Andy Eathorne


Lee Francis