Coronavirus Information

At Studio Fifty Eight, we take the safety of our staff, models and customers seriously during these unprecidented times.

Whilst we will be open from June 15th ( unless the govenment guidance changes ) we have implemented some policies and procedures to keep us all safe during these times.

Please take a moment to read through this guidance carefully and please ensure that this guidance, on your part, is followed at all times whilst at the studio premises.

Please do not enter the studio if you have been to an affected place in the last 14 days or you have had contact with somebody with Coronavirus and you are showing any of the symptoms listed on the poster to the left.

Studio Entrance Requirements and Guidance whilst on site

Please click on the category tab to get more information on the section being described.   Please ensure that you have read all guidance, requirements and information before entering the studio.

Our first line of defence is to ensure that nobody who is at risk of having and spreading the Coronavirus illness actually enter the studio.

Both Andy and I confirm that we are symptom free and are following the social distancing guidelines as laid out by the UK government.  Should either of us contract the virus, or display any symptoms, we will not enter the studio premises.

Everyone else who attends the studio will be asked to confirm that this above statement is true in their case.  Anyone who is unsure, or confirms that they have been in contact with the virus, or someone who has the virus, and are displaying symptoms, will be denied access to the studio.  

Sorry, I know this sounds harsh, but this is for all of our safety.

Whilst at the studio, we ask that social distancing guidelines are followed at all times.

This does mean that showing your shooting subject pictures from the back of your camera is not possible, as this is not safe.

We ask that you wash your hands either with soap and water ( provided in our WC ) or with the provided hand santizers which are available to use in the studio premises.

We also ask that you wash your hands frequenty during your session, and try to avoid touching surfaces or equipment in the studio which are not required for your shoot.

Lastly, please wash / sanitize your hands on exit of the studio.

Due to the nature of this virus pandemic, we ask that once your session is complete that you please leave the studio promptly to allow for the cleaning to take place and the switch over to go ahead smoothly.

Before the first session, or the start of your shoot, the studio will be cleaned thouroughly with fluids and cleaning products recommended by the UK government.

On model studio days, used areas of the studio and any equipment used by photographers or our model for the day, will be cleaned during the change over of photographers ( whilst the new photographer is discussing with the model their set, clothing requirements etc ).

At the end of each day, the studio will also be throuroughly cleaned whilst all models and clients have left the studio.

Thank you for reading this information and guidance from the studio fifty eight team

Andy Eathorne


Lee Francis